Hoodios on Fifth Avenue
Thousands of people come out to watch the yearly Salute to Israel parade in New York. They come for the floats, celebrities, marching bands and other musical groups that march up Fifth Avenue. This year, along with the traditional Jewish fare, a bi-cultural group has been invited to play: Hip Hop Hoodios. They mix two cultures that are not usually linked: Hoodios is a play on the Spanish word Judeo, which means Jewish.

This piece looks at how this hip hop fusion band with not-so-family-friendly lyrics managed to land a gig playing on a float in front of hundreds of thousands of people in support of Israel.

This piece was produced for The World and was originally aired on June 3, 2005.

Producer: Sarah Elzas
Recorded in New York, NY
with help from Brian Sanders in Los Angeles, CA
Edited by Jennifer Goren
Photo: Cover of Agua Pa' la Gente

- Havana Nagila (Raza Hoodia)
- Kike on the Mic (Agua Pa' La Gente)
- Toriba the Clown Gets His Groove Back (Agua Pa' La Gente)