Below is a list of Toucanradio archives up to 2010.
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General topics
Mushroom interview
Mushroom hunting (October 2008)
Looking for mushrooms in the forest near Paris
Petit fours
In the heat of the summer, pastry chefs look ahead to the busy Christmas season
Pro Tibet torch protester
A report on the protests around the torch coming through Paris
Group of people
Equal Opportunities? (December 2007)
How is France doing in its fight against hiring discrimination?
Wineglass, grapes, sun
Drinking Sunshine (December 2007)
The effects of climate change and global warming on French wine.
Dog tombstone
Pet Cemetery (November 2007)
Our curious relationship with our pets, even when they die.
The famed 24 Heures du Mans car racetrack gets taken over by skaters.
Nuclear power plant
The past, present and future of energy production in France.
Congo and French flags, with justice scales
Congolese victims can take their Congolese torturers to court in France
Name, Nationality, Race, Gender, Age with striketrhoughs
Hiring discrimination and the anonymous CV in France
Map of Slovenia
Erased from Slovenia (November 2006)
18,000 Slovenians disappeared from official registries in 1992...
Puppets at WFP event
An Invisible Problem (October 2006)
World hunger is a problem, even if you can't see it
Subway map
The Subway Challenge (August 2006)
A race through the New York City subway system.
Union Yes
Three people get fired for trying to start unions.
How do you keep your culture in a globalized world? Read.
Lands Sake Sugar Shack
Sugar Shack (March 2006)
Sugaring is a very fun project... you should try it!
How do we know how many people are homeless?
A Poem Lovely as a Tree (December 2005)
An exploration of Joyce Kilmer's most famous poem, 'Trees'.
School Bus
On the Tip of Aggravated (February 2005)
Homeless students share their experiences and frustrations of being in school while moving from shelter to shelter.
Chefs collage
Making French chocolates in an English-speaking pastry class in Paris. Yum!
School logo
A school day at the Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers is not exactly like one at a regular high school.
Photo of Cathy and James
Cathy, 16, Mom (May 2004)
Enter Cathy's world of toddlers, diapers and high school parenting classes...
Photo of Marthe and Dianne playing scrabble
A familiar story of assimilation in America, with a French twist.
[Photo: Protest in Paris]
Wandering through the protest rally in Paris on May 1, 2002.
[Photo: Turkey]
Sitting on the balcony of a pension in Turkey, listening to sounds of wind chimes and distant singing...
[Photo: Diktion Cave]
Walking through the cave in Greece where Zeus was born.
Samos coast guard
A 30 minute special looking at asylum seekers and their rights across the continent, and throughout history
Samos coast guard
A Coast Guard patrol shows how Greece is on the front lines of European immigration
American Purgatory
American Purgatory (March 2008)
A one-hour documentary about the political asylum process in the US
Children in Darfur
An operation to evacuate orphans from Darfur, and bring them to France
France, Iraq flag
Where are the Iraqis? (September 2007)
Why are there so few Iraqi asylum seekers in France?
Welcome to the United States
A refugee on life in America... and a surprising experience at the Canadian border
Somali women
Somali refugees make new lives for themselves in the United States
UNHCR logo with US/France colors
A look at how the US and France balance national interests with humanitarian and international obligations
Europe map
They Wanted Us to Leave (October 2005)
The refugee system we know today--and that is hotly debated--has its roots in European displacements after the war.
Refugee? Evacuee? IDP?
Why do Americans hate the word refugee so much? Olivia Bueno comments.
USCIS logo
How does the United States offer refuge to those fleeing persecution? What are the concerns about offering asylum?
Tujiko Noriko
Tujiko Noriko layers makes a layered electronic music that mixes a Japanese pop sound with samples
Detail of the Tour Saint Jacques
Flamboyant Gothic (September 2007)
A visit to the Tour Saint Jacques, a Gothic church steeple-turned-monument in the center of Paris
The Mighty Popo
Singing about the reconstruction of Rwanda
Stencil by Nemo
Stenciling Paris (April 2007)
An audio tour of street art
Maison du Peuple
A small French town opens a world-class theater
Thierry Desroses
The French voice behind the image onscreen
Armenia Sacra (March 2007)
Armenian art and religious objects at the Louvre
Mirrors of Black Paradise by Wilfred Ukpong
The problems with defining artists by where they come from
Stage with tank
Set designers put their artistic talents to work during WWII
La Machine
Old tunes for new audiences.
Mois de la Photo logo
Photos on the Page (November 2006)
The curious relationship between photos and the printed page
Cost of Art
The Cost of Art (September 2006)
Why do paintings cost what they cost?
Maria Volonte
A tango singer, in her own words
Ever wonder what contemporary music composers are thinking when they compose their music? Here's your chance to find out.
The recorder as a modern classical instrument?
Hoodios album cover
Hip Hop Hoodios, a Latin/Jewish band with not-so-family-friendly lyrics is invited to play at this year's Salute to Israel Parade.
Lhasa album cover
Lhasa talks about the influences of the three languages and cultures of her life--English, Spanish and French--on her music.
Oboe reeds
Oboe players spend as much time carving reeds for their instruments as they do practicing them.
Crying Giant
A walk down Broadway with sculptor Tom Otterness.
French Flag, notes
Karaoke á la française (October 2004)
Consider these two daunting tasks: learning a foreign language and singing in front of a group of strangers. Now imagine combining the two.