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To Catch the Past:
La Machine
Like the growth in popularity of alt-country and the resurgence of roots music in the United States, France is experiencing its own revival of traditional music. Groups are playing old tunes for new audiences. It's called "trad" music, but it sometimes brings new twists on tradition. La Machine mixes the old and the new to "catch the past" as band leader Julien Barbances eloquently puts it. I met up with the group when they gave a concert at the Maroquinerie, a club in northern Paris.

-> EXTRA! Click here for a video of excerpts from the concert.

This piece aired December 5, 2006 on The World and on August 22, 2008, on RFI.

Producer: Sarah Elzas
Recorded in Paris, France
Edited with Peter Thomson
Photo from cover of Les R˘deurs

- Golden (recorded November 13, 2006 at La Maroquinerie, Paris, France)
- Mariez-moi (Les R˘deurs)
- Les R˘deurs (Les R˘deurs)
- Ronde d'Argenton (Les R˘deurs)
- Le Deserteur (Les R˘deurs)
- Jean-Baptiste (Les R˘deurs)