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Maria Volonté:
Tango Singer
Tango is the musical expression of Argentina's immigrant history. Cuban Habanera and African rhythms mixed with polkas and waltzes in the late 1800s, when thousands of immigrants came to Buenos Aires. The un-initiated may think that tango is just a dance. But beyond the physical movement, there is a voice.

Maria Volonté is a tango singer from Buenos Aires. She mixes tango with everything, from jazz and pop to boleros and bossa nova. She won the Gardel Prize (Argentina's version of the Grammy) for best female tango vocalist in 2004.

In this non-narrated piece, Maria talks about her music, the 'tango woman' and her love of Portuguese fado.

This piece aired April 21, 2006, on The World.

Producer: Sarah Elzas
Recorded in New York, NY
Photos from

- La Cancion de Buenos Aires (Tangos)
- Yo Soy Maria (Tangos)
- Cantando (Fuimos)
- Malena (Tangos)
- Estranha forma de vida (Fuimos)
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